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Digital Marketing led by Data.

We work with your marketing consultant or in-house group to analyse your results.

Traditional marketing agencies rely on their judgement to drive digital marketing campaigns;  we provide the robust analytical foundation.

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We work to understand how visitors to your website behave to guide them further down your conversion funnel.

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We do not cheat Google’s search algorithm. Instead, we analyse how Google interprets search terms, and guide content creation accordingly.

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Paid Ads

We ensure your search engine and social media ads are optimised for your target audience. 

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We constantly develop new efficiencies and automations to keep our costs affordable. Give us a call for an informal confidential discussion about how we can help. We are based in Edinburgh.

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  • Data-led Approach
  • Understandable tailored monthly reports.
  • We’ll work to accommodate your needs and existing platforms.
  • Competitive Fixed Fees
  • On Your Side against your competition
  • No contract – Leave anytime
  • No ‘SEO Guru’ jargon

We blend traditional search engine optimisation techniques with modern data science to run more efficient campaigns.

We work to place you above your competition on the Google search rankings.

We use advanced software – both third-party and our own – to reduce our reliance on manual data-sorting and analysis. 

By positioning ourselves at the forefront of data science and machine learning, we ensure our clients remain one step ahead of their competitors.

Companies have been investing in their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies for years.

Not only does a high Google ranking guarantee more visitors to your website, it also frees up resources that would otherwise be allocated to funded search engine adverts.

We use industry-leading software

Our techniques are guided by data-generated insights. We insist on using the same SEO software as other agencies alongside our advanced data science modules. 

Our data-led approach allows us to offer affordable SEO packages by automating many repetitive tasks. Our digital marketing strategies are driven by quantitative analytics of your business.

For an informal discussion about your search engine optimisation and data management options, why not just give us a call? We are based in Edinburgh. There is no obligation or fees involved, and everything is guaranteed to be entirely confidential.

Google’s search algorithm is becoming more and more intelligent. When we ‘Google’ something, what we are really doing is asking Google for the answer to our query. By taking a data-driven approach, we can predict how Google interprets a particular search query, and then tailor your web page to satisfy that request. This allows us to drive relevant traffic to your website.

We provide SEO services throughout the UK. We are mostly based in Edinburgh and London.

Data-Driven SEO is describes the technique of making SEO decisions based on robust data-generated insights. As an agency, we take a data-led approach from keyword research to content creation.

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